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                                                                               Water Cooled Rectifier Transformer
                                                         3840 KVA: 12,470V Delta Pri , 960 V Wye Sec @  2300 Amps

                     Basic Features: Sizes range from 500VA to 5000KVA, High to Low Voltage Primaries,

                    High to Low Voltage Secondaries,  Single Two (Scott T) or Three Phase Designs,

                    Reactors, VRT's, Chokes, Open Core and Coil Construction or Nema Enclosed,

                    Air or Water Cooled, Dry and Oil Types, Voltage Taps if needed.

                                                         Extremely Reliable and Cost Effective!


                Single Phase Transformer:
      20KVA: 480V Pri, 20V @ 1000A Sec.
                      AC to DC Rectifier               
     VRT Replacement
             120KVA: 480V Pri  
            40 V Sec
@  1000 Amps
                Three to Two Phase:
        20KVA, 480V Pri, 50,56,62V Sec.
             Scott-T Moly load Matching

             Three Phase:
         75KVA, 480V Delta pri,     
@ 1500A sec.
       Graphite heating element



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