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                5KW Moly Muffle
                  Power Supply
                            Power Supplies 



       We offer Standard off the Shelf and Custom Power Supplies to drive all types of heating loads. With a    proven reputation and  over 15 years of Electrical \ Electronic experience, our power units hold up for the  long haul. Let us Design, Fabricate, and Install your next project. 

Applications and Loads:
   -To drive: Molybdenum, Silicon Carbide, Graphite,       
    APM, Tube Heaters and Metallic Heating Elements
   -For: Glass Melting and Heat Treating
    Baking and Curing Ovens
    Wire, Tube, and Batch Annealing Furnaces
    Retort Chambers
    Box, Vacuum, Pit and Bottom Load Furnaces
    and More.....

Standard Features:
  -Power On\Off Disconnect Switch or Breaker.
  -Rugged Lab Style or Industrial Enclosure.
  -Phase Angle or Zero Fired SCR Controller.
  -PID Temperature Controller with 1 Ramp.
  -Over Temperature Control ( ensures a safe heating Limit ).
  -Load matching transformer ( if Required ).
  -Fuse and Voltage Spike Protection.
  -Cabinet Blower for Cooling.

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