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                 Bottom Loader
                  Wire Annealer


               Vacuum Furnace


  Equipment Specialties:
    -Clark Power Systems SCR Controllers
     ( Zero and Phase Angle Fired )
    -Clark Power Systems Custom Transformers
     ( VRT’s, Reactors, Delta, Wye, Scott-T)
    -High Temperature Heating Elements
     ( Molybdenum, Silicon Carbide, Graphite, APM…)
    -Honeywell Process Controllers
     ( Chart Recorders, Temperature and Process Controllers )
    -Yokagawa Process Controllers
    -Fugi Process Controllers
    -Allen Bradley PLC’s and Controls
    -GE Fanuc PLC’s and Controls
    -Mitsubishi PLC’s and Controls
    -Hoffman Industrial Enclosures
    -Square D Breakers and Controls
    -Westinghouse Breakers and Controls and more...

Standards and Approvals:
     We build to these specifications….
    -Nema and JIC
    -UL and NEC (We can build UL approved panels if needed)
    -State and Local codes
    -Licensed and Degreed Engineer’s

   All Panels come complete with…..
    -Title Page with Job #, Date and Quote#
    -Equipment Manuals
    -PLC Logic Diagrams
    -Bill of Materials

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